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Oracle PPM Cloud Project Financial Management Course Content:

Overview of Project Financial Management Course

  • Fusion Implementation Resources
  • Project Financial Management Offering

Fusion Enterprises & the Project Financial Management Case Study

  • Enterprise & Case Study Objectives
  • Enterprise & Case Study Highlights

Introduction of Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

  • Application Implementation Lifecycle
  • Functional Setup Enterprise Role
  • Implementation Planning
  • Reports Offering
  • Generating Implementation Task Lists
  • Exporting & Importing Setup Data
  • Using Implementation Projects

Project Financial Management Organization Setup

  • Defining Project Organizations
  • Define Reference Data Sharing
  • De-normalize Organization Hierarchy

Define Project Foundation Configuration

  • Define Types & Categorizations
  • Define Class Categories
  • Define Project Statuses
  • Define Project Roles
  • Define Project Resources
  • Defining Burdening
  • Defining Cross Charge Options

Defining Project Control Configuration

  • Managing Period Profiles
  • Managing Spread Curves
  • Manage Financial & Project Plan Types
  • Manage Project Control Descriptive Flex fields
  • Defining Project Control Configuration
  • Manage Period Profiles
  • Manage Spread Curves
  • Manage Financial & Project Plan Type
  • Manage Project Control Descriptive Flex fields

Define Project Billing Configuration

  • Define Billing Options
  • Define Business Unit Project Billing Options
  • Define Project Invoicing Options
  • Defining Additional Intercompany &Interproject Cross Charge Options
  • Defining Business Unit Interproject Billing Options
  • Defining Project Billing Extensions
  • Defining Project Billing Options

Define Project Performance Reporting Configuration

  • Overview of Define Project Performance Reporting Configuration
  • Manage Performance Reporting Options for Project Unit
  • Create Key Performance Indicators
  • Defining Region Personalization
  • Defining Summarization Options
  • Defining Project Performance Reporting Configuration

Defining Project Integration Gateway Configuration: On Premise Only

  • Manage Integration Options
  • Project Plan Type Settings
  • Export Setup Data
  • Review Integration Processing Status

Defining Project Template

  • Defining Template Creation Method
  • Defining Project Options
  • Defining Financial Options
  • Defining Reporting Options

Defining Application Extensions for Project Financial Management: On Premise Only

  • Extension Costing Method
  • Overtime Calculation Extension
  • Defining Project Extensions
  • Defining Project Spaces
  • Define Expenditure Extensions
  • Define Budgeting & Forecasting Extensions