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Oracle Fusion Inventory Inventory & Product Management Configuration

  • Create Location for Inventory Organization
  • Create Facility Shifts
  • Create Facility Workday Pattern
  • Create Facility Schedules
  • Create Item/Master Inventory Organization
  • Create Inventory Organizations
  • Create Sub Inventory & Locators
  • Create Item Classifications & setting up security
  • Define UOM
  • Configuring Receiving Parameter for Inventory Organizations

Materials Management and Logistics

  • Master Item Creation Process
  • Receipt Creation Process
  • Receipt Routings
  • Conducting Inspection & Delivery of Materials
  • Checking On hand Availability
  • Movement Orders
  • Sub-Inventory Transfers
  • Inventory Org Transfer
  • Manage Inter Organization Transfer
  • Creating Miscellaneous Receipts
  • Creating Account Entries and Transferring to General Ledger
  • Reviewing Journals from General Ledger

Supplier Configuration

  • Setting up Supplier Number
  • Defining Supplier Type Lookup
  • Creating Lookup for Tax Organization Type
  • Creating Hierarchy for Supplier Products and Services Categories
  • Defining Supplier Value sets
  • Creating Supplier Descriptive Flexfields
  • Setting up Supplier Messages
  • Create Procurement Agent

Define Approval Management For Procurement

  • Create Approval Groups for Procurement
  • Implementation of Requisition Approvals
  • Implementation of Supplier Negotiation Approvals
  • Implementation of Supplier Negotiation Award Approvals
  • Implementation of Purchasing Document Approvals
  • Implementation of Internal Supplier Registration Approvals
  • Implementation of Supplier Registration Approvals
  • Implementation of Supplier Spend Authorization Approvals
  • Implementation of Supplier Profile Change Approvals
  • Working on Task Configurations for Procurement

Configuration For Oracle Fusion Purchasing

  • Define Change Order Templates
  • Create Purchasing Value Sets
  • Define Purchasing Descriptive flex fields
  • Create Supplier
  • Create Supplier Address
  • Create Supplier Site
  • Assign Supplier Site to Procurement Business Units
  • Create Payment Terms
  • Define Units of Measure
  • Setup Carrier Lookups
  • Create Carriers
  • Create FOB Lookup
  • Create Freight terms lookup
  • Setup Purchasing Profile Options
  • Create Document Styles
  • Setting up Item Profile Options

Requisition Configuration

  • Create Requisition Descriptive Flexfields
  • Define Requisition Value Sets
  • Define Buyer assignment rule sets lookup
  • Create Buyer assignment rules
  • Setup Purchasing Messages
  • Create Hazard classes
  • Create UN Numbers
  • Setting up Approved Supplier List Status
  • Reviewing Role Templates and Roles for Procurement
  • Assigning Roles to User
  • Running LDAP Job

Procurement Transactional Processing

  • Overview on Role Based Dashboards
  • Requisition Process
  • Creating Purchase Orders
  • Auto Create Purchase Order
  • Approving Purchase Orders
  • Amending Purchase Orders
  • Creating and Approving Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Creating and Approving Contract Purchase Agreements
  • OTBI Report (Concept and steps to create OTBI report)
  • Running Standard Reports
  • Running BI Reports
  • File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Requisitions
  • File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Suppliers
  • File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Purchase Orders

Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables

  • Commons Options for Payables and Procurement
  • Invoice Options Configuration
  • Payment Options Configuration
  • Create Distribution Sets
  • Create Banks
  • Create Branches
  • Create Bank Accounts
  • Create Payables Documents
  • Create Payment Process Profile
  • Assigning Data Roles to User
  • Submitting LDAP Job
  • Open AP Periods

Fusion Order Management

  • Maintain Common Reference Objects
  • Application Define Common Order Orchestration Configuration
  • Define Toolkit Configuration
  • Define Order Promising and Perform Data Collections
  • Manage Order Promising Rules
  • Define Sales Order Fulfillment
  • Define Transactional Business Intelligence Configuration
  • Define Extensions for Order Orchestration
  • Shipping Parameter
  • Ship confirm Rule
  • Order Management Parameter
  • Create Price List
  • Pricing segment
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Assignment pricing strategy
  • Importing and Exporting Setup Data
  • Reviewing Roles
  • Assigning Roles to User
  • Run LDAP Job for sync.

Oracle Fusion Cost Management

  • Manage Costing Key Flex fields
  • Manage Cost Organizations
  • Manage Cost Organization Data Access for Users
  • Manage Cost Books
  • Manage Cost Organization Relationships
  • Define Cost Accounting Policies
  • Manage Cost Elements
  • Manage Cost Components
  • Manage Default Cost Profiles
  • Manage Valuation Units

Oracle Fusion Receivables

  • Define Common Accounts Receivable Configuration
  • Manage Receivables Profile Options
  • Define Customer Billing Configuration
  • Manage Receivables Payment Terms
  • Manage Auto Accounting Rules
  • Manage Transaction Types
  • Manage Transaction Sources
  • Manage Receipt Classes and Methods
  • Manage Receivables Customer Profile Classes
  • Create Customer
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Customer Uploads
  • Reviewing Receivables Roles
  • Assigning Receivables Data Roles to User
  • Run “LDAP Job”

Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)

  • Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
  • Understanding Application Implementation Process through FSM
  • Understanding Offerings
  • Understanding Options
  • Enabling Offerings
  • Implementation Project Creation
  • Task Assignments to Team Members
  • Status Tracking
  • Understating Task Lists/Tasks
  • Overview on Offerings Documentation
  • Overview on Rapid Implementation Process

Oracle Authorization Policy Manager (APM)

  • Overview on Role Templates
  • Overview on Oracle Delivered Roles
  • Generating Custom Data Role

Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Approval Groups Creation
  • Approval Rule Definitions
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